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                logo_Kunshan SunshineTex Deying Bonding & Coating Co., Ltd.

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                Kunshan SunshineTex Deying Bonding & Coating Co., Ltd.

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                SunshineTex is one of China’s leading suppliers of functional fabric. The factory is situated in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China, 40 km. west of Shanghai and 30 km. east of Suzhou.

                SunshineTex quality guarantee: Quality production equipment, Advanced Technology, Strict quality control system.

                SunshineTex specialized in processing: Functional fabric, Outdoor fabric, Sportswear fabric, PU, TPU, PTFE Breathable lamination fabric, Far Infrared Radiation fabric, Hi-Vis safety workwear fabric, and F/R fabric.

                SunshineTex high quality finishing: Quality dyeing, Soft shell lamination, PU/TPU/PTFE/PES Breathable lamination, PU Breathable coating, Far Infrared Rays Radiated coatin

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                Sunshinetex Research Center was founded in 2004. It is an important component of long-term strategic development system of the company, and is basis for product strategy and market strategy.

                The center takes industry-university-research cooperation and technical R&D seriously, and it has established industry-university-research base, workstation of business graduate student, and social practice base for college students with Tianjin Polytechnic University, Donghua University, Jiangnan University and other well-known universities.

                Sunshinetex R&D center is composed of new product development depa

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                Kunshan SunshineTex Deying Bonding & Coating Co., Ltd. Kunshan SunshineTex Deying Bonding & Coating Co., Ltd. MORE >>

                Kunshan Sunshinetex New Material Co., Ltd.



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